Oh the joy and delight at the unfolding of your delicious life experience is so precious to us. The gift you have opened, a priceless treasure, is one we have prepared with such pleasure for so long. It is the result of a soul contract you made before you arrived on this planet. Your entire life has brought you to the place where all is now ready for the fulfillment of not just your human dreams and desires, but those that were inspired by your higher self before you even arrived on this earth.

There are those whose goals and dreams are aligned with yours who will now be joining you in this sacred journey. They too are called to do this work as it is the delicious unfolding of their destiny as well.

The planet is so very much in need of this special healing gift you are about to offer. Even now, there are those who are lined up, ready to receive healing, desperately clinging to the hope you provide. Many of these beautiful souls have tried so many things to reach a place of stability, harmony, and happiness. But nothing satisfies the deep craving in their souls for The Mother.

Only through the plant medicines will these precious souls find relief from their pain. Many have tried to deaden the pain with drugs or alcohol, which are an aberration of The Mother’s medicine. Therefore, the relief they find is only temporary. Only The Mother’s medicine provides lasting healing.

There are so many women who, like you, experienced a loss of all feeling when the ego wrapped itself in a blanket to shield the mind from pain. This deadened their emotions and now they struggle to feel any emotion at all. Again, The Mother’s medicine is heart-opening, loving and compassionate. The Mother heals these beautiful women in ceremony, reminding them of their beauty, their value and their incomparable worth.

Each child of The Mother is welcome to join in ceremony. Each is called to do so. Those who heed the call will receive Her profound healing. Each will hear the message the medicine knows they need to hear.

Each message is unique, specially designed for the recipient. And in the receiving of that message, the precious child feels the profound love of The Mother.

Sacred, sacred space. Sacred, sacred work. Sacred, sacred blessings bestowed on all who walk the path of light and love.

Know that you are worthy. Know that you are blessed. Know that you are indeed called to ceremony, to come face to face with the divine within. There is room for all at the table and all are worthy to receive the healing medicine of the Pachamama, the abuelo, the abuela, the earth, the sky and all that lies in the space between.

Note: These messages are received through daily meditation and are meant to be shared. I offer them here in love. If a particular message resonates with you, it’s because it was meant for you as much as it was meant for me.