Socially Distanced Emotionally Connected

Photo: Callie Rounds

Socially Distanced / Emotionally Connected

Photo: Callie Rounds

You are loved.

You are spectacularly beautiful.

You are exactly as you were meant to be.

It’s impossible to screw it up.

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Your past does not determine your future.

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.

Your future belongs to you.

Words of Love and Inspiration

Vehicular and Spiritual Alignment

At the beginning of this road trip, driving through the mountains of Colorado pulling a pop-up trailer with a minivan was a harrowing experience. It took diligence and a bit of skill to protect brakes from overheating going downhill and engine from overheating going uphill. Additionally, my 2012 Honda Odyssey had warped rotors, which caused…

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The Blessing of Adversity

Adversity is rarely seen as a blessing. In fact, it often feels like the exact opposite of “blessing”.  At the end of May, I left my home community of Ellicottville, NY with the intention of settling in northern Michigan. Our family lived in Boyne City, MI when the kids were young and we still have…

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Living with Intention

For the past three weeks, I’ve been participating in Mike Dooley’s 21 Day Visualization Project. The daily meditation assignments take a little over 6 minutes. I usually listen to them twice because they feel so good. That 15 minutes is usually my very favorite part of the day! Today is Day 20.  My assignment was…

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Today, my two beautiful daughters are graduating from high school in one of the most unusual periods in modern history. Both girls attended their senior year online, so they weren’t expecting a formal in-person graduation with their classmates. However, they had been eagerly anticipating a big graduation party with karaoke, friends by a bonfire, lots…

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The Path to Peace

I had a pet. It was actually not so much a pet as a dangerous and destructive rodent. It lived in my chest. It fed on self-righteous indignation. Sometimes it had a voracious appetite, other times I hardly knew it was there. I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. Just when I…

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Mother. It’s hard to imagine a word in the human language that evokes a more diverse collection of emotions. That collection of emotions is deeply individual. No impetus in the human experience is more profound or formative than that of “mother”.  When I was a child, my mother was fiercely devoted to fostering independence. When…

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Are You a Pond or a River?

A few days ago, I was listening to an audio book called “Meant for More” by Lisa Sasevich. Lisa is a business coach who teaches clients to develop their irresistible offer. Her methods yield high sales conversion rates through heart-centered marketing messages. Like many business coaches, Lisa encourages her clients to give back to the…

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Enjoying the Journey

There’s a familiar quote: “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”  That concept is so sweet in theory and so very sticky in practice. Let’s face it. When we identify something we want, it’s hard to wait for it to show up.  When money is tight, it’s difficult to enjoy a journey fraught with…

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Can’t Meditate? Try This.

My dear friend, Dionne Kress, inspired me to meditate on the words “The space between”. This was written during that meditative state:  The space between breaths, life and death, matter in an atom, heartbeats, love and loss, the inception of a desire and its fulfillment, sky between the mountains, mountain between the skies, me between…

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The Gift of Loneliness

There isn’t a single human being on the planet who hasn’t experienced loneliness. Ironically, humanity is united in the shared experience of this deeply personal emotion. We all know what it’s like to feel lonely. What if loneliness is actually a gift? I spent quite a bit of time traveling in Eastern Europe in my early…

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I Attracted This

Two months ago today, my husband asked for a divorce. I had just dropped our sixteen year old daughter at the airport in Toronto for a flight to Tanzania where she would spend three weeks doing service work. John and I sat in his truck in the parking lot of a local ski resort and…

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What the World Needs Now…

What the world needs now is love. The expression of love is as unique and expansive as the individuals who offer it.  Yesterday, a friend shared a video from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Shelbie Rassler, a student at Berklee, created a virtual orchestra that included videos from 74 of her peers. The song, “What…

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Do the Crazy Thing

A couple days ago, I wrote “Want to Alleviate Anxiety? Set Goals.” The post is based on Carmen Marshall’s goal-setting formula. I’ve used Carmen’s process several times through the years, but this is the first time I’ve seen that last step: Do the crazy thing!  Over the past couple days, I’ve been mulling over those…

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Into the Woods

Scrolling through Facebook stories yesterday, I found myself drawn to images of my Facebook family enjoying time in nature. Something deep inside cried, “There! Let’s go there!” I grabbed my jacket, donned a pair of hiking boots and headed for the woods.  The next two hours were transformative.  Within moments of leaving my car, I…

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Want to Alleviate Anxiety? Set Goals.

During this time of uncertainty, everyone experiences a heightened level of anxiety. But what about people who were already struggling with feelings of anxiety? For many, this extra burden seems like more than they can bear. People who struggle with anxiety feel overwhelmed and powerless. After all, what’s more disempowering than a global pandemic???  …

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Heart-Centered Leadership

Some people look at the life’s lemons and make a sour face. Lemons are unwanted, unappreciated, holding little, if any, value. Other people add a little of their own mental sweetness to life’s lemons, making a concoction that is beneficial and even enjoyable. Then, there are those rare individuals who grab the crate of lemons…

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Corona Cloud’s Silver Lining

Earlier this week, CNN, BBC and other reliable news outlets reported unintended benefits of the coronavirus lockdown. China’s coronavirus quarantine likely saved the lives of 50,000-75,000 people who would have died from air pollution.  Marshall Burke, a researcher at Stanford University’s Department of Earth Science, calculates that that the two months of cleaner air resulting…

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Do. Be. Have.

There is a success formula, “Be… Do… Have”. It states that people need to put forth energy to “Be” the person who can “Do” what needs to be done in order to “Have” material and non-material rewards in life. I’ve recently re-discovered a love for inspirational / motivational books and have been finding a great…

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Things Happen For You… Not To You

In this past week, I’ve been reading about people who have done significant, important work either during or after slavery, imprisonment, confinement to a concentration camp, or loss of their sight or hearing. These individuals made contributions that lasted well beyond their lifetimes. Where did those seeds of greatness come from? What made them grow?…

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